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There are many different sizes and type of storage units. We can help recommend a size based on your requirements and we suggest calling 1 –2 weeks in advance of your start date to reserve as availability fluctuates.

Here are a few common sizes to give you a feel for sizing and pricing:

  • Unit Size
  • 3 by 5
  • 5 by 5
  • 5 by 10
  • 10 by 10
  • 10 by 15
  • 10 by 20
  • 10 by 25
  • Suggested Contents
  • This is similar to a small closet to look at . It is suitable mainly for boxes and totes. The ceiling height is 8 feet.
  • Boxes and totes is the most common use for this size however the increased volume and floor space add more flexibility compared to a 3 X 5.
  • This is the most common size for a small apartment full of furniture. It's also the most popular size for house de-cluttering. Also fits a small motorcycle ( must be able to fit through a 3 foot door opening).
  • Typically used for a 2 bedroom apartment full of furniture. Holds about 1 cube van full of furniture.
  • Sometimes used to store the contents of a small house. Also can be used for Smart cars or other ultra small vehicles.
  • This is the most common size for the contents of a 3 bedroom house. It is also the most popular size for car storage. Pretty much all our10 X 20’s have drive – up access with roll up doors from the outside.
  • Large house lot of furniture. The extra 5 feet of length compared to a 10 X 20 might be used to store the major appliances of a house lot.
  • Starting at
  • $
  • $
  • $
  • $
  • $
  • $
  • $


Sizes in Relation to Common Items

This chart below has been created to provide an idea of the size of floor space in storage units relative to common items. It should not be used by itself to determine the quantity of items which can be stored in a storage space. By stacking items and using the available height, a lot of items can fit into a given space. For instance sofas and mattresses are commonly stood on end to maximize the use of the space.

Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.


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